What Does Your Bedroom Say About you?

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We all have heard about the colour therapy and the influence of colors on our environment. Colour can make a person powerful, motivated, courageous, depressed, miserable or gloomy. Our emotions and how we react to various situations are related, to a degree, to the power of colour in our surrounding. Thus, the energy of colour has a significant function on our actions. Each person has preferred colours when it comes to the interior design of their space. Some people like neutral colours, while others prefer bold and vivacious hues.
When it comes to the make up of the bedroom most people want to be original and present a unique character that reflects themselves.
Lets have a look what is your bedroom saying about you and which type of energy exuding in your boudoir.

Purple is the colour of mystery, luxury, nobility and spirituality. Often inspirational leaders, humanitarians and visionary personality manifest violet in their space.
A bedroom with purple or violet shade can help to develop the spirituality level of a person to a higher level.
Purple is associated with the crown chakra.

Indigo is the colour of understanding, secrecy and intuition. Often fearless and idealistic characters will favour indigo. Indigo in a positive combination can increase integrity and faithfulness, otherwise too much indigo might have a negative influence on someone’s life.
Indigo is associated with the third eye.

Blue is associated with trust, peace and loyalty. It reflects authenticity and spirituality. In Feng Shui, blue has yin energy and represents the water element. Although it has a calming effect but too much yin colour in the bedroom might cause laziness. Often conventional personalities have an influence of blue in their bedroom.
Blue is connected with the throat chakra.

Green is the colour of well being, harmony, new beginning and tranquility. Green colour will increase stability and create a sense of security. Green colour bedrooms radiate a calming and soothing energy. In Feng Shui green considered as wood element.
Green is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Yellow is the colour of joy, happiness, wisdom and logic. Often people who favor yellow are happy and fun to be around. The shade of yellow determines the quality of yellow. Yellow/orange represents development while pure yellow helps to clear the mind. From the Feng Shui perspective yellow is considered as an earth element.
Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

Orange portrays creativity and curiosity. Every so often people in the creative world are huge fans of the orange colour. Orange indicates power, authority, and it is considered as one of the healing colours. From the Feng Shui perspective, dark or bold orange is in the Fire element category and you should be mindful of using the right amount of orange in your bedroom. Too much fire element might not let you to have a good night sleep.
Orange is linked to the sacral hara chakra.

Red signifies vitality, passion, boldness and desire. Often people with extroverted personalities will choose with red. Having a red colour in the bedroom increases energy, excitement and enthusiasm. At the very same time too much red (Fire energy) can escalate anger and temper. Hence, it is better to use red colour as an accent rather than dominate shade.
Red is associated with the root chakra.

Do you like what your bedroom is saying about you? Is it aligning with what you are seeking at this stage of your life? Or is this a time to have a splash of new colour in your room.

What Does Your Bedroom Say About You?

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