Flying Star

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Flying star is the most advanced and complex form of Feng Shui. The basic tools for the school is the Eight trigrams of the I ching and the lo shu square. The methodology takes the attributes of direction, element, color, shapes, time, parts of the body and family members for every trigram into consideration.

The flying star school is mainly based on scientific mathematics coming from the numerology influence. The calculation includes the date of birth of the person, the construction year of the building and the time period from the flying star. The formula considers that everything is in a constant process of change and every period will be repeated in a cycling process. These periods integrate astrology and are observed and noted since 3000 B.C.

Due to the individual calculation and consideration of time it creates the highest art of Feng Shui analysis and to convert the environment. To reach the knowledge to use the compass school it takes years of experience and training.

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