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    How to find out if your partner is cheating?

    Four pillars of destiny or BaZi is one of the most accurate fortune readings in Chinese metaphysic. It is based on the five element theory (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) and the 12 zodiac signs (Rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey,...

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  • fengshui

    What Does Your Bedroom Say About you?

    We all have heard about the colour therapy and the influence of colors on our environment. Colour can make a person powerful, motivated, courageous, depressed, miserable or gloomy. Our emotions and how we react to various situations are related, to a degree, to the power...

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  • Proshat Sarabloo Lehmann

    Feng Shui Symbols

    Who hasn’t heard about the frog under the couch or the lucky cat above the cashier counter? Most people think that placing those items will bring money to their life. Let me give you some background. Feng Shui is all about direction and location and...

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    Feng Shui- Yoga For Your Home

    Feng Shui & Yoga – All about balance Practicing yoga has become a routine for many people. Some will take yoga classes to improve their health and others will take classes to stay firm and fit. Regardless of your motivation, the intended outcome of yoga...

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  • feng shui proshat round object

    Soft Skills From a New Angle

    Have you ever noticed that everything in nature is, in one way or another, circular?  It might be a perfect circle or more oval or less round, but definitely with curved edges. Think about Gaudi Park in Barcelona. It is not only a masterpiece; it...

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  • stockvault-bedroom132353

    See More Than Just Design in Feng Shui

    Many times when I introduce myself as a Feng Shui consultant I get the same reply: “So you are an interior designer then.” The Feng Shui term has been confused with the term interior design on so many levels that I feel I should explain a bit...

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  • stockvault-paper: Feng Shui: what does your home say about you

    What Does Your Home Say About You?

    The energy or Chi in your space will expire after a period of time if you don’t know how to reactivate it. Subsequently you may feel restless, distracted or continue an unbalanced routine in your life with unwanted results, without knowing why? The truth is...

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  • stockvault-brick- Feng Shui: A new outfit for your home

    A New Outfit for Your Home

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could update the style and decor of our homes with the same speed with which we update our wardrobes? If you’re like me you like to to re-arrange, add new cushions, artwork or accessories to your living space, but...

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  • stockvault-red-velvet: home away from home

    Feel Home Away From Home

    Recharging and activating the positive energy pattern in our mind is as important as enhancing the energy flow in our space. In other words, in order to create balance we need to develop a healthy mind and a chi sensitive environment to achieve equilibrium in...

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  • Abstract Lights

    A Meaningful Atmosphere

    Creating a warm, friendly and unforgettable home does not have to reside in expensive furniture and a professional design job. What makes a space unique and alluring is the feeling that exudes from and within the space and creates atmosphere. “Atmosphere” is what we experience...

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