The Black Sect School

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Black Sect Feng Shui is one of newest and most western influenced schools. Part of the school is influenced also from the Tibetan tantric Buddhism. The founder Lin Yun Berkeley from USA brought his way of Feng Shui from Taiwan in 1986 to California.

The principle of his school includes many traditional elements like ying/yang theory, five elements, and I ching to modern elements like color therapy, interior design, commonsense and psychology.

All together the black sect school can be described as a way of living influenced by the Buddhism and the understanding that you interact with spirits or god, but now worries for use the technique you don’t have to convert.

One of the big different compared to the other schools is that no compass is used. The directions of every room or house are defined by the entrance or door. Similar as in the other methodologies the bagua is used to determine the house/room into different sectors and every sector is reflecting on aspect of the life. In the black sect school no time factor is in use.

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