Is Apple’s future headquarters Feng Shui approved?

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Apple is building it’s new head quarters in Cupertino, California. From the picture you can say that it boasts the ambition of the headquarters of the most valuable company in the world. Well done to the architects, but I am always interested to examine the energy and potential that buildings like this has on its dwellers.

In Feng Shui every building represents a certain element and aspect.
The Apple building has a circular shape and represents the metal element.
Wealth, leadership and ambition are the characteristic of this element.

In Feng Shui the computer industry is also categorized as metal element, from that perspective, this is a good match.

The traditional Feng Shui considers a square shape as the most auspicious shape. The reason is that you avoid any missing corners in your building and life.

With my combined background in architecture and Feng Shui I can say that there is always a way to augment and improve the building energy.

The Apple building has two circles (some call this a spaceship, it reminds me more of a doughnut) and the inner circle is not part of the building. That poses a challenge, ideally this should be integrated into the building area. This can be done with the landscape design. The design should be based on the elements that the building is missing or that will enhance the existing element (this part requires advanced formulas and is not easy to explain. If you like to read more on thishave a look on my website).

On the other side the spaceship shape covers the full 360 degrees of the compass and hence all directions. Each section of the building can be customized in the interior to enhance its energy. Building material, colour combination and interiors are powerful tools for that. Based on the principle of five elements which is water, wood, fire, earth and metal and the flying star formula, one can introduce the right colour scheme to each pie slices. Having the right energy in each section creates better communication and more productivity between employees.

At this time I do not have enough information about the buildings direction, but what I do know is that Apple is planning to move intothis building in 2015.

Based on the Feng Shui theory currently we are living in the period 8 of the earth that will last until 2024. The period of the earth is changing every 20 years; therefore it is very important to look at the longevity of the business, structure of the building and its direction. Already today you should consider this aspect and activate the benefits for both periods until 2044.

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