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  • 2013


    I would like to personally welcome you all to the year of the WATER SNAKE and make sure that your place is as ready for the year 2013 as you are. In the Chinese solar calendar FEBURARY 4TH is the time of the year when...

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    See More Than Just Design in Feng Shui

    Many times when I introduce myself as a Feng Shui consultant I get the same reply: “So you are an interior designer then.” The Feng Shui term has been confused with the term interior design on so many levels that I feel I should explain a bit...

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  • Slide1

    Wind chimes in July

    The month of July is under the influence of the Number 5. Number 5 in Feng Shui means misfortune and trouble and the flying star number 5 is visiting the North section of your place this month. Place a metal wind chime in the north...

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  • Chinese Bronze Dragon

    Feng Shui for 2012

    Every year about this time I alter the Feng Shui of my office and my home to be in balance with the energy map of the year. This will allow me to empower the positive regions and reduce the negative influences of the troublesome areas....

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  • Tip of the day

    Tip of the day

    Be cautious of any sharp pointed object that facing the widow or the door. Sharp edges send negative vibes and should be avoided. Use remedies!

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  • Feng Shui For 2010

    Feng Shui For 2010

    Feng Shui for 2010 On the 4th of February each year it’s time for everyone to start to prepare them self for the changes of the energy of the earth. This is the time which the animal sign of the year will change and in...

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