Feng Shui For 2010

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Feng Shui for 2010

Flying Chart 2010

On the 4th of February each year it’s time for everyone to start to prepare them self for the changes of the energy of the earth.

This is the time which the animal sign of the year will change and in Fact this year we are going to have the Metal Tiger as our guest.

The Metal Tiger is not very friendly with us and its shows that there is a conflict and clash within the heavenly stem and earthly branch. Therefore it’s advisable to use more Fire and water color in your interior such as red- purple –orange or black and blue as a water element.

In Chinese calendar 4th of February is the beginning of the spring called Li Chun.

For the purpose of Feng  Shui and Four pillar of destiny (Chinese chart reading) it’s necessary for everyone to update the Feng Shui of their home and working place. This will help us to enhance and energized the positive side of the year and de-energized, cure and be aware of the negativity and destructive side of the Tiger.

As you may be aware about the Feng  Shui knowledge, Feng Shui is not a general fix for every house and each place has their own energy map. Cure and enhancements are based on the direction of the house and date of birth of the residents . However I thought it would be helpful for all my dearest Feng Shui Clients, Friends and mentors to be aware of the Feng Shui up- date and help them make some changes in 2010 in their life.

One of the method in Feng Shui is called flying star which is the most used and beneficial system. This method is based on 9 numbers and each number represents different type of energy. Some of them carrying a positive and prosper Chi and some have a very negative influence.

3 affliction :

These sections convey uncomfortable and harmful energy which you should be aware of and take it into your consideration. I am going to explain to you in a next couple of line about each section and what are the does and don’t. But before that you should remember the golden rule and that is:

You should not disturb the Five Yellow, Tai Sui and 3 killing with renovation, digging and knocking.

Southwest:  Five Yellow, occupies from 202.5 -247.5 degrees of each building

Flying star number 5 create obstacle and troublesome for the Southwest section and bring misfortune.

To avoid bad luck you should hang 6 rod hollow metal wind chime in the Southwest.

Avoid using fire color such as red- purple – pink and rich orange. Candle is not advisable as well.

Northeast: Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter, occupies from 52.5-67.5 degrees of each building

Flying star number 2 is the strongest of killing energy and carries sickness.

To avoid illness you should place a 6 metal coins to dissolve the bad influence.

You should not  facing towards   the Tai sui

North: Sam sart or 3 killing, occupies between337.5-22.5 degrees of each building

3killing brings loss and misfortune.

It is advisable not to sit with the 3killing behind you.

Unfavorable section:

South: legal action

Flying star number 3 brings argument, fight and conflict in one’s life.

To avoid that you should use fire element such as “Red color” in this section of your place.

Southeast: complication

Flying star number 7 means violence and misfortune in life.

To avoid the bad influence of this number you can place a bamboo stick.

Favorable section

Flying star number 8 is located in the center of the home. This is the most positive section of each house in the year 2010. To enhance and get the benefit from this auspicious number you should activate this section of your house with crystal- chandelier or warm color.  This is if, the center of the house is located in the good section and not somewhere like bathroom or storage.

The west- East and Northwest section are signifying positive and prosper energy and if it’s possible you should spend more time is this area.

Have a happy Feng Shui day :)

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