What Does Your Home Say About You?

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The energy or Chi in your space will expire after a period of time if you don’t know how to reactivate it. Subsequently you may feel restless, distracted or continue an unbalanced routine in your life with unwanted results, without knowing why? The truth is that your body is absorbing the energy pattern of your environment . If your surroundings are not exuding a healthy and successful message you could be facing challenges that may prevent you from shaping your life into the future that you’ve dreamed of.

So, is your place in alignment with how you see yourself and what you desire to have in life?

If you answered “NO” don’t despair! The good news is you can change the message of your environment by following these  simple steps.

Step One:

Create a strong intention in your mind to clear your home with healthy and positive Chi

Step Two:

Remove all the items that bring back bad memories and replace them with meaningful, happy and significant items

Step three:

Clearing the clutter is the most important rule of the thumb. Give away what ever you haven’t used for the past few years including but not limited to clothing, dishes, knick-knacks and keep sakes.

Step four

Clean your space with Salt and water, open all the windows and burn candles to revitalize and enhance the Chi of your home

Step five:

If your place is dark and dull invest in a few extra lights to lift up the energy

Step six:

Add fresh cut flowers in your living room /dining room / or your home office area

Step seven:

Play chill out music with a very low volume, sit in your most favorite corner of your place, close your eyes, take a deep breath and send your affirmation to the universe.



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