The top 10 points that you should consider as a realtor!

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Toronto is a very multi cultural city with a big influence from Far-Eastern investors. Even though this is not a new development, I still find a lot of common mistakes when realtors are dealing with them. Let me give you the top 10 points that you should consider!

1-   Cemetery & Hospital

Cemetery and Hospital convey yin energy, and too much yin energy is not supportive for the residents close to these areas.

2-    Door & windows are in the same line

In this case the energy enters the room and directly exits from the window, therefore doesn’t matter how beautiful the apartment is, it’s a big no in Feng Shui

3-    Flyover and bridges

Another big No is when the edge of flyover is aimed like a knife at a building

Anything that has a sharp edge or sharp angle contain a Shar chi or negative energy and it is not supportive for the inhabitant

4-    Train station

Being so close to the train station is not consider a good Feng Shui for a residential building.

In this scenario, the energy is moving too fast and as you might know, Feng  Shui is all about balance between yin and yang

5-    Elevators

Apartments that are directly in front of the elevator are not the best. It literally means a lot of up’s and down’s for the tenants

6-     Layout

Keep it simple. Square shaped layouts are more Feng Shui friendly than triangle or L- shaped floor plans

7-    Open space

Having an open space in front of the building or the house welcomes positive energy.

8-    Down under

Apartments or houses that are lower than the ground level are not consider as a good Feng Shui

9-    Near the pole

Houses or apartments that are facing a pole directly in front of the building consider as an unlucky house, as the luck of occupants is blocked

10- Garbage shoot

Apartment that are close to the Garbage shoot aren’t the best

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