Money Does Not Grow on Trees!

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Money does not grow on trees,

But a well designed garden with good Feng Shui will help you to attract health, wealth and abundance in your life. The outdoor space or garden is just an extension to the Feng Shui of your house. Therefore, you must treat the outdoor space with the same respect that you have for the interior of your house.

When it comes to good Feng Shui garden design, the size of your outdoor space is not so important, although it is nice to be surrounded by a big garden and lush tall trees. If all you have is a small space to work with, you can still create a supportive Feng Shui vibe for your home and your family members.

The key rule in applying Feng Shui, whether it is for the interior or exterior, is to find the facing direction of your house and calculate the correct flying star chart (or the energy map of your house). Once you have the chart, you can easily divide each section to the dedicated energy area and enhance or diminish the chi based on the given energy of each section.

Understanding the five elements principal and the interaction between these elements is also another important factor that you should take into consideration.

For instance, if you want to add a water feature in your garden, first you must find the location of water star 8, you will find this by applying an accurate flying star chart, in your garden and based on that you can find an auspicious location for the water feature.

In fact having no water feature it’s better than having one in the wrong direction. Placing water in an incorrect position can create lots of trouble in your life.

When it comes to designing an outdoor space or garden, most of the time everyone will refer to the Japanese design or Zen garden as a good Feng Shuied garden. Despite the fact that I am personally in love with this kind of design you can opt for any design style that you wish as long as it is following Feng Shui guidelines.

The energy or chi most flow and meander freely in the garden. Having a curved pathway is always a better choice than a straight-line.

Based on the flying star chart of your space, adding garden accessories as a Feng Shui therapy is an indirect way to diminish negative energies.

Having a metal wind chime or using metallic accessories in the area with flying star number 5 will help to diminish the negative chi from this section. Be sure you are not placing a barbeque wherever there is a flying star number 5, as this will definitely increase difficulties and misfortune in your life.

Introducing colours in terms of flowers and plants in the garden is another way to activate positive chi in the outdoor space. Having fire colour flower such as red, pink, purple and orange in the area with flying star number 8 will surely have a positive impact on the energy level of your garden.

 Have fun and be creative when it comes to Feng Shui as your garden belongs to you!

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