Four Pillars of Destiny workshop

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Good morning Dubai,

I have been asked a couple of days ago to teach “Four Pillar of Destiny” as a private session for a small group of people. My most favorite Feng Shui Grandmaster Raymond Lo gave me the permission to review his leading “Four Pillar of Destiny” book in the workshop.

Four Pillar of Destiny has been part of the Chinese history, but is more up to date than ever with the raising interest in self-awareness and cognitive behavior. After the workshop you will be able to tap into the deeper meaning of your actions and the actions of others.

As Raymond Lo quoted in his book it can reveal a persons personality, career directions, marriage and relationship aspect. It can even indicate significant events that will occur in our passage of life.

This is a great opportunity for anybody who is looking for personal and professional Development and find his way based on “Four Pillar of Destiny”, or as I call it, the GPS of self-awareness.

The workshop is on the following days

Four Pillar of Destiny I

Saturday 7th               10 am-5 pm

Sunday 8th:                5 pm – 9 pm


Four Pillar of Destiny II

Monday 9th:               5 pm – 9 pm

Tuesday 10th:            5 pm – 9 pm


Since it’s a private group, we only have a few seats available for the public. Contact me or my amazing organizer Fariba to book your seat.



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