Feng Shui- Yoga For Your Home

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Feng Shui & Yoga – All about balance

Practicing yoga has become a routine for many people. Some will take yoga classes to improve their health and others will take classes to stay firm and fit.

Regardless of your motivation, the intended outcome of yoga is to have a healthy body, mind and soul.

Feng Shui has the very same purpose, and it will help you to bring balance, and enhance the unseen energy in your home for better health, wealth, prosperity and relationships. Yoga nurses your mind and body, where Feng Shui is fostering a good chi in your home.

Harmonizing the Yin & Yang aspect

One of the basic principles in the Chinese medicine is the yin and yang theory.

It’s the tai chi symbol that we are all familiar with, two contradictory, and yet complementary components; one cannot exist without the other. While yin would represent dark, passive, cold and female, yang would be bright, active, warm and male.

The concept of yin and yang is all about bringing balance and harmony in one’s life.  By doing yoga you will balance the yin and yang energy field in your body, thus by applying Feng Shui to your home you will equalize the yin and yang aspects in your surroundings. Applying this principle to the blue print of your house will help you to have more stability and comfort in your life.


Energy Flow

Based on Chinese metaphysics, the human body and everything in the universe contains energy (Chi) and there is a constant interaction between the chi in our body and our space. The interaction between our body and the quality of the chi in the environment will shape all other matters in our life such as health condition, relationship situation, success in business, prosperity and happiness. Hence the way energy flows in our surrounding is one of the important aspects of Feng Shui. Just how in yoga breathing technique is a way to enhance the quality of the chi in our body and mind.

If you envision 3 circles together, the inner circle is your mind, the middle circle is your body and the outer circle is your environment. There is a constant interaction between these 3 circles and you need good balance and positive chi in all three sections to have an equilibrium and happy life in all phases of your life.


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