Feng Shui Symbols

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Who hasn’t heard about the frog under the couch or the lucky cat above the cashier counter? Most people think that placing those items will bring money to their life.

Let me give you some background. Feng Shui is all about direction and location and how you can activate positive chi and use a remedy to cure negativity.

Feng Shui knowledge is growing worldwide and finding a sensible place in different cultures and countries, thus it’s important to adapt some of the Feng Shui suggestion within that specific culture. In my case, since I am more involved with the architecture and design project, I try to limit the use of symbols to a minimum and look to use items that would appear naturally in the environment or use shapes, colors and structures as a substitute to the Chinese symbols. At the same time you will find many Feng Shui consultants that use an army of symbols.

Having said that, in some personal consultation (lets say you are living in a 2 bedroom apartment and you can not make major changes) using Feng Shui symbols (remedies) to some extent is an easy and inexpensive way to activate positive chi and reduce the negative energies.

At the end it is important that you use a symbol that you identify with and that you like. I will not help much if you spend money on it and you are disturbed by it looks.

Here are the lists of some of the most important remedies:

Metal wind chime

The metal wind chime is a very powerful tool to reduce the negative influence in your working or living space. For instance, you can hang the metal wind chime in the center area of your house to diminish the negative energy in 2013.

Six coins

Six coins are another remedy that we use in Feng Shui to decrease the element of sickness. You can easily find them in any Feng Shui store or you may attach 6 coins with a transparent tape. In 2013, you can place 6 coins in the southwest section of your space.

Three Bamboo sticks

Three Bamboo sticks in a glass jar is another Feng Shui cure to reduce the negative effect in any given space.  You can place them in the west section of your space in 2013.


They usually attract energy, so if you display a mirror somewhere that reflect a good chi you will double the good energy. At the same time, you should not hang a mirror in a place that might reflect a negative energy. in this situation you will double a bad luck.

Feng Shui Symbols


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