Feng Shui Step By Step

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For the past few months, I have been so busy with my Feng Shui projects and researches in many countries that I haven’t dedicate enough time to update my Feng Shui readers. Moreover, I discovered that I would never find free time in my busy schedule unless I make a promise to publish one article every week.

As I checked my emails, I realized that there are many of you who would like to know the brief process of a Feng Shui analysis.

So, I decided to make that my topic today.”

Rule number 1: Consider the surrounding environment

a)     Identify the various aspects of the neighbourhood including man made elements  and natural elements

b)     Take note of the shape of the building

c)      Observe the supporting elements

d)     Apply the Four Celestial animals

Rule number 2: Obtain an accurate floor plan of the specific space/ Examine the shape of the property

a)     Find the center of the property

b)     Consider any missing corner in irregular structures

Rule number3: Use a Lupan or compass to get reading in order to take the direction

a)     Determine  the Facing and Sitting direction of the building in relation to the entrance

b)     Apply the relevant Flying Chart

c)      Take the direction of the specific apartment, suite or office in relation to the facing direction of the building

d)     Draw the Flying Chart for this interior location and check each section of the chart

e)     Enhance any active areas

f)       Use cures and remedies for the negative sections

Rule number 4: Update the chart annually

a)     Determine the yearly star

b)      Enhance the new active sectors and apply cures to weak areas newly revealed

Rule number 5:   Reading the Four pillar

a)     Examine the destiny chart for the individual

b)     Suggest a colour and decoration that would benefit the supporting elements and compensate the weak elements

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