Feng Shui in the year of the Rabbit

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The year 2011 just begun and the Chinese New Year is just around the corner. The year of the Metal Tiger is almost past and we are  embarking  upon the year of Metal Rabbit.  This will occur on the 4th of February which marks the beginning of the spring, called Li Chun.

The change of energy always has a very strong effect on two of the twelve star signs. This year we will see a struggling Rooster and a trouble free Dog.

People born on the year of Rooster are in a direct conflict with the Rabbit and they should pay special attention to their health, specifically in area of the back.

People born on the year of the Dog should be very excited. They have the chance to meet their soul mates and they have the perfect opportunity to start a new business.

Every year about this time I alter the feng shui of my office and my home to be in balance with the energy map of the year. This will allow me to empower the positive regions and reduce the negative influences of the troublesome areas. In Feng Shui and Four pillar of destiny (Chinese chart reading) it’s necessary for everyone to update the Feng Shui of their home and working place to align yourself with the energy of the year. This will enable you to boost and energize the positive segment of the year and de-energize, cure and be mindful of the negativity and destructive side of the Rabbit.

Here are the most important tips to ensure you harness your full potential for the upcoming Chinese New Year:

In general the year of the Rabbit is a year of conflicts and it is vital to pay special attention to the Feng Shui of our working and living space. 2011 is a Yin Metal sitting over Yin Wood. According to the 5 elemental relationships that means Metal and Wood are in conflict and need special care and mindfulness.

As you may be aware, Feng Shui is not a one size fits all fix for every space, each place has its own energy map. Cures and enhancements are based on the direction of the house and date of birth of the residents.

One of the methods in Feng Shui is called flying star which is the most used and beneficial system. This method is based on 9 numbers and each number represents a different type of energy. Some of them carry a positive and prosper Chi and some have a very negative influence.

I thought it would be helpful to share my input of 2011 with all my friends, clients and mentors. I created a flying star chart of this year and I am happy to share the main points with you to maximize your prosperity in the year of the Rabbit. If you are looking to update your feng shui for 2011 contact us via

info@my-zensation.com or +1 647 985 8689

Positive sectors:


This direction carries a very positive energy in 2011 with the annual start 8 symbolizing wealth and prosperity.

You can enhance the wealth energy in your office or your home by activating this corner with Fire and earth element.

Using Fire colors such as red, purple, orange or Earth elements such as yellow will enhance the chi of this section.

You can also use Fire or earth element as a decorative object such as a candle, light, or a clay pot with red flower.  Additionally you can adapt the colour of your curtains or your art work to contain both or any of these colors.

Another way to enhance this section is by using Natural crystal.

To activate the money you can use a water feature.

If your house’s main door faces NW, there is a opportunity to gain wealth if you activate it correctly.

In your office you can keep all your financial papers in this section.

Appropriately placing a copy machine and printer is another good way to enhance the wealth energy in the business environment.


This direction has a purple star 9 which is a fire element.

You can activate this star if you wish to grow your family with fresh cut flowers, candles and happy images.

The direction in 2011 is under the control of 3 killing and you should avoid doing any kind of renovations or major construction.

You should also avoid having the 3 killing behind you while in either sitting or sleeping position.


Flying star 6 is located in southeast corner in 2011. Although it’s a faded star you can still take the benefit of it by activating it in the correct way.

You can use water colors such as black or blue to active your travel and promotion luck.

Placing a bowl of still water will also do the trick.


Star 4 is governing romance and is the same as white star 6 although it is a faded star and you can still use them in the correct manner.

Blue and black are good colors for this direction. Green plants and fresh cut flowers are one of the ways to activate the energy. You can also place a romantic image or item if that’s what you are looking for.

It is best to avoid Fire element in this corner such as a red shade or a very bright light or candle.


White star 1 is for future prosperity and will strengthen the good energy in your home or office.

Metal and water element colour such as white, silver gray, blue and black are good for this section.

As a decorative object anything made out of metal is appropriate.

You should avoid using red shades in this area.

If your door faces this direction it will bring promotion and recognition.

For students it is good to place your study desk in the NE.

Challenging areas:


Flying star number 5 is located in the East section.

This is an area developing obstacle and misfortune. To overcome the bad luck you should hang a 6 Rod metal wind chime.

You should avoid renovations or any kind of major construction in this section.

Good colors for this area are metal colors such as white, silver and grey.

You should avoid using fire element in this section entirely.


Sickness star 2 is located in the south section. To avoid health issues you should avoid fire element in shapes and colors for this section.

Minimum activity is required for this segment.

To balance the energy and reduce the negative influence of number 2, a traditional Chinese remedy is to place a 6 metal coin in this region.

Metal colour such as white and silver are a good colors to decorate this section.


This area is also seeking your attention. Flying star number 3 is located in this area and it’s a quarrelsome star. To avoid the negative influence of this star, use a fire element in this segment. Good colors are fire colors such as red, purple, pink and orange. Lights and candles are also suitable for this section.

You should not have a water or wood element in this corner.

You should not renovate or disturb this area in 2011.


Robbery star 7 is located in the center of any house or office in 2011. Avoiding the negative influence of such a number by placing a 3 bamboo stick in a glass jar.

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