Feel Home Away From Home

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Recharging and activating the positive energy pattern in our mind is as important as enhancing the energy flow in our space. In other words, in order to create balance we need to develop a healthy mind and a chi sensitive environment to achieve equilibrium in our daily life.

Summer is here and whether you are planning a trip, inviting friends to your cottage, discovering new places, visiting family or taking a stay-cation your most important goal is to rejuvenate your mind. While you are busy with making plans, you should not neglect the fact that vivifying the soul of our home and reprogramming the chi or energy of the space before a get-away has a direct result to the quality of our vacation time.

The link between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind is constantly working and by knowing that your place is not clutter free, (unopened mail, piles of documents that are sitting on your desk for a while, clothes that you don’t like anymore, old food or any items that hold a bad memory) may not let you enjoy every moment of your holiday. In addition, based on Feng Shui philosophy, everything around us contains energy, and the chi of your home has the most influential effect in the process of your mind and your actions. One of the aims in Feng Shui is to reprogram your house while you are redirecting the energy of your mind.

Clutter free your space

Remove, donate or recycle all the items that you don’t need and only keep the pieces you love and that offer you a blessing.

Make sure every room is well organized so you don’t have to deal with the mess upon your return.

By doing this you are opening up an emotional and physical space available for new things to come into your life, whether it is a new love, new car or a job opportunity.

The idea is to make room for new prospects and attract good fortune.

As I mentioned in my previous article, every month the energy of your space is shifting and if you want to maximize the Feng Shui of your place while you are away in the month of June, you should follow those easy steps.

Place a red object such as candle, cushion, artwork or decorative item in the East section of your house to activate wealth and enhance relationship. Use white, silver or blue colour objects in the Northwest area of your home to protect yourself from health problem.

Feel Home Away From Home

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