Don’t miss out on your life

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Most of the time I attempt to speak about the positive side of my profession as a Feng Shui consultant, finding remedies and solution for un- balanced working and living spaces. But this time I am going to be just a wee out of my usual way.

A lot of times I have been asked from my clients and friends how they can find a Feng Shui friendly building. My response to them is that I need to check the direction of the building and then the energy pattern of the unit that they are going to purchase. This followed with the destiny chart reading based on their birthdays to make sure that I am finding a supportive property for them.

However I faced a property the other day that not only freaked me out, it arise a question in my head that how can this be sold to someone?
Feng Shui

Budget is playing a big roll in the selection of a property, but to be honest sometimes not owning a place is less harmful than owning a very bad property.

Let me share with you some of my point of view.

A) As you can see in the image, the unit has a triangle shape (lots of sharp edges), which is very harmful. Imagine if you were living between two knifes, the chances that you get scratches from each side is very high, living in the triangle shape apartment will be the same, except you don’t see the sharp knifes because the energy around us is invisible. However I am sure you can feel the harmful causes by living in this kind of a place. You may face some health issues, relationship difficulties or your career may not improve in a way you were looking for. In this case it is even more dreadful because the bedroom is placed in a triangle shape.

B) You can apply a basic rule of Feng Shui in dividing the floor plan into 8 pie pieces. Each of the pieces is connected to a different aspect of life such as children, marriage, knowledge, mentors, wealth, health, happiness and fame. Looking at the triangle shape of the building you will notice only have some of this aspects in your life and missing the rest of your life prospects.

As a Feng Shui consultant I know it is not always easy to follow all the Feng Shui rules but it is good to be mindful when you are going to do the biggest invest in your life.

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