2014: Year Of The Wood Horse

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Its only 2 more days left and then we are hitting that time of the year (February 4th) when based on the Feng Shui philosophy, the energy of the year is changing. It is wise to update the Feng Shui of your space whether is your office or your home to stay tuned, synchronized and break through unwanted difficulties in 2014 with the power of Feng Shui.

 As you may have heard, your environment affects the way you feel and perform in your daily life. Through applying Feng Shui in your space you have a chance to talk to your home and set the atmosphere ready for the year of the horse.

Just like how you established resolutions and goals in the beginning of the year for a new you, your house needs preparation and updates to set off a fresh look and evolve feeling to act as your supporting vehicle. And yes, that’s true; your house can support or desert your decision and your mood, based on the type of energies that are circulating in your space.

While the Feng Shui analysis of your space depends on the exact direction of your premises and your personal chart, here are some tips on how to enhance positive sectors and diminish negativities  in your abode to stay tuned.

Flying star is one of the most powerful Feng Shui formulas when it comes to calculating the blue print of the space, and as for this year, (a year of wood horse) the energy level is distributed as followed:


Since I don’t know the Feng Shui of your space, I am only going to give you free tips, on how to redirect the negative energies from your space, which work for almost every place.

 For Home:

Flying star number 2, which is known as the sickness star is located in the east section. As the name is saying, it can bring any kind of health issues to your house, in Feng Shui number 2 is related to the earth element and you need to depress the earth energy with a metal element.  Supporting colors for this section are white, gray, blue and black.

In a traditional Feng Shui way, you can place 6 coins in the East section to diminish the negative influence of number 2. Stay away from any shade of red color, as it will activate the sickness star.

Another negative number is housing in the Northwest section and it known as 5 yellow stars. This number has a relationship with all sorts of difficulties in your life. To minimize the negative energy of this number, it is advised to hang 6-rod metal wind chime in the location of number 5.

Similar to number 2, flying star number 5 is also related to earth element. Therefore it is better if you do not use any fire element in the NW section of your house in 2014.

Robbery star 7 is another unwelcoming energy, which is positioned in the Northeast section of your space.  Star 7 is belonging to the metal element; therefore you need to exhaust the metal energy with water and wood element. A traditional Feng Shui method is to place 3 bamboo stalks in a glass jar to diminish the negative impact of this number.

 For Canada:

The above information is just short information about the Feng Shui of your house. Similar it can be applied on a bigger scale. For Canada the constellation is foreseeing the possible health issues on the East Coast such as Toronto and the Atlantic region.

British Columbia in the Northwest of the map might face some sort of difficulties and uneasy situation in 2014.

 For Fashion:

The year of the wood horse vibrated strongly with the persistent and uncompromising wood energy sitting on the exciting fast-forward fire horse.  From energy pattern and Feng Shui perspective, structured and squared shape objects are considered as a wood element, while pointy and sharp edges representing the fire element.

As thus, we can see a lot of boxy, structured design element with bold and spiky embellishment   in 2014 fashion. Since wood element is representing forest and green scenery, you can also trace a forest inspiration on some of the designer’s collection in this season.In the I-ching hexagram we are also having water over thunder, which is providing sea inspirations, whether in form of colour, or shapes in some of the designers work such as DKNY.

I wish you all a prosperous, healthy and successful year of the horse. 

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